Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry

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Our qualified stone masons are available for all your stone masonry needs. Our masonry services include:

• Tuckpointing
• Spot pointing
• Bricklaying and brick repair
• Caulking
• Waterproofing
• Walkways
• Stone restoration

Earthscape Stoneworks, serving the Minneapolis, MN area, excels at stone masonry work. It takes years of working with stone before a mason can truly be considered a master. Our masons are masters of their crafts and are able to create masterpieces out of stone including stone sculptural furniture.

We are always learning new techniques and imagining fresh ideas that are out of the box and awe-inspiring. Our clients rave about our designs and we work hard to keep them completely satisfied with the work we complete. We use current technologies, as well as old school knowledge to complete your project in the best way possible.

Our masons are also skilled as stone restoration. Many old buildings need special attention and care as the stone ages. The mortar between the stones needs to be chiseled away and then new mortar needs to be put in its place. Cracked and damaged stones will require special repair or replacement. We will work with you on a restoration project to ensure the integrity of the stone structure.

In stone masonry, tuckpointing needs to be completed after so many years so that the building or retaining wall will remain intact. While the process of tuckpointing sounds simple enough, the actuality of it is a lot more daunting.

Earthscape Stoneworks offers stone masonry to the Minneapolis, MN area. Our masons will meet with you and develop a plan of action for all of your stone masonry needs.

Whether you need a new design implemented or an existing structure needs maintained, we will work with you throughout the entire process. Schedule your consultation now and we will see to all of your masonry needs.