Stone Fireplaces

Stone Fireplaces

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Fireplaces can be a show piece within the home, especially when surrounded by intricate stonework. Outdoor stone fireplaces are also a wonderful addition to any well laid-out space. They inspire relaxation and calmness, as well as creating warmth within the space.

At Earthscape Stoneworks, we create absolutely amazing stone fireplaces that make you the envy of everyone who comes to your home. The resale value that a stone fireplace will add to your home is well worth the investment.

Several different types of stone can be used to create a breathtaking fireplace that will anchor the space, as well as warm it. Our qualified staff will discuss with you the different types of stone and which type would be the best choice for your needs.

Our designers will aid in the design of your dream fireplace and our contractors will see to its installation. We work hard to keep our clients 100% satisfied with every step of the process. If a client is unsure or unhappy with any part of the process, we will commit to correcting any problems and laying their fears to rest.

Earthscape Stoneworks uses up-to-date technology as well as creative intuition to design eye-catching and functional stone fireplaces. No matter the size, our stone fireplaces are sure to be the focal point of any area.

We serve the Minneapolis, MN area and offer a no obligation consultation. Potential clients can come in and find out what we can do for them. Our work is guaranteed.

We have several samples of our work and encourage our clients to come in and view our work. Schedule your appointment now and we can fully discuss your needs and wants for a great stone fireplace.