Landscape Design

Landscape Design

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We use innovation in our landscape design to make sure that the landscaping is both functional and beautiful. A landscape designer from Earthscape Stoneworks will work with you throughout the entire project. Our skilled contractors will walk you through the entire landscaping process.

The designer will help you create a landscape design that will meet all of your needs and desires. After the design has been made and the materials have been chosen, a landscape contractor will begin the transform of your space. The landscape designer will continue to work with you throughout the entire process.

Landscape design within the Minneapolis, MN area can be tricky, due to the extreme winter climate, but our highly-skilled designers understand the challenges and are able to develop a plan that incorporates intricate stonework, such as retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces with water features, climate-hardy plants, shrubs and trees.

While landscape design may seem to be only about beauty, it is mainly about functionality. A beautiful landscape that is not implemented correctly will eventually fall to pieces. However, a landscape design that has functionality at the core will be built and created to last. Retaining walls made of stone will remain steadfast for years to come, as will stone walkways and other stone aspects.

Our clients’ happiness with our work is of the utmost importance to us and we strive to make certain that they receive all that they desire. Our ultimate goal is to treat everyone with integrity and righteousness.

We look forward to meeting with you and working side-by-side to design and implement the most spectacular landscape for your needs. Set up a consultation with our landscape designer to discuss how we can amaze you with the landscaping of your dreams.